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Bringing Alive Sandwich Heritage is a not-for-profit group of volunteers.
Our membership includes individuals with an interest in history, heritage and culture.
The BASH committee works alongside other community groups and volunteers to deliver projects in the town.

Since the group was establed, we have created a range of quality heritage events in Kent, as well as assisting other community groups and fundraising activities. Our first event, Medieval Mayhem, was held in 2006. After hosting a Giant Wedding and encampment at Leeds Castle, we produced an ambitious six-week celebration of medieval heritage in 2007. Sandwich 1457 marked the 550th anniversary of the 'siege' of Sandwich, when the men of Honfleur sacked the town. BASH won a major heritage lottery grant for the project, which also enabled us to purchase medieval tents and other equipment for community use (see right).

Following our two large summer festivals, we turned our attention to a variety of projects; a series of
Wild Food Walks in 2008-9, and a season of heritage concerts in the historic setting of St Mary's Church. We supported local craftspeople at a weekend 'Makey Do' in the town's guildhall, and were actively involved in establishing the Sandwich Medieval Fayre, which first took place in the summer of 2010. Our full-scale Midsummer Medieval Banquet was held in June 2011, followed by a celebration of Medieval Carnevale in 2012, and a Tudor Games night in 2013.


BASH has a collection of medieval tents and marquees, pop-up gazebos, portable theatre lights and other festival equipment available for hire. We also have access to hireable audio equipment, as well as being a point of contact for artists, performers, musicians, historical interpreters and re-enactors. For more information, email us through the link below.

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