continuing traditions

a series of concerts showcasing inventive approaches to traditional and early music

BASH held a series of three concerts in the autumn of 2009, with performances from internationally renowned musicians Horses Brawl, Joglaresa – appearing with storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton – and Chris Wood.

Horses Brawl began the series on Saturday 26th September. The experimental duo from Norfolk combined driving folk rhythms with music from the courts and taverns of ancient Europe, improvising around fragments of tunes and songs drawn from over eight centuries. The result was a vibrant and engaging sound produced using early and contemporary folk instruments.
Musicians Joglaresa joined forces with storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton for the second date in the series, on Saturday 17th October. Describing themselves as ‘more like a street carnival than a solemn early music group’, Joglaresa created bold renditions of medieval music using traditional instruments. Their performance of ‘The Carpet of Dreams’ wove Jewish and Arabic music and song with Clayton’s mesmerising storytelling, exploring haunting epics, myths and romances from the Middle East.
The final concert on 14th November featured award-winning folk legend Chris Wood. Chris’ music revealed his love for the unofficial history of the English speaking people, revisiting the traditions of ballad-making with his own contemporary parables. Trespasser won the 2009 ‘album of the year’ at the BBC Folk Awards, while Chris himself was voted ‘singer of the year’. Performing a programme of old and new songs accompanied by his own virtuosic guitar and fiddle-playing, Chris provided a rousing conclusion to the concert series.
Joglaresa & Sally Pomme Clayton
Joglaresa & Sally Pomme Clayton


The events were supported by an award from the Kent County Council Local Grant Scheme, enabling BASH to subsidise ticket prices to make the concerts affordable for all. The bar featured locally sourced ales, wines and juices, all produced in Kent.