historic entertainments

Tudor Games     February 2013

an evening of pastimes from the inns and courts of Renaissance Europe

After a welcoming beaker of mulled wine, guests at BASH's Tudor Games evening were entertained with live period music, tales of gaming and gambling from storyteller Tony Cooper, and readings from medieval and renaissance texts. Play began with a mass round of Biridissi (renaissance 'lotto'). Guests could then choose from a variety of reproduction games, including table games of Nine Men's Morris, the Game of Goose, and Fox and Geese. Gamblers played for pots of beans at hazard, totum and cards, and seasoned card players were able to try their skill at early tarot games. Winnings were rewarded with Tudor rose favours. 

BASH researched and reproduced the board and table games and purchased reproduction wooden dice and playing cards for the event from historical games experts Gothic Green Oak. Sweetmeats and suckets were served throughout, with wines and ales from the bar.


Carnevale Medieval Banquet    February 2012
Midsummer Medieval Banquet    June 2011

seasonal medieval banquets with dishes prepared to authentic medieval recipes, local ale and mead, theatrical entertainments, music and dance

BASH’s Midsummer Banquet was a celebration of summer plenty, with a menu of contrasts including spit roast pork, flower salads and delicate spiced custards. Our Carnevale Banquet revived the spirit of the ancient celebration before the long, lean days of Lent, with a rich and warming menu featuring spiced beef in red wine, herb fritters and a fish-shaped sugar 'subtlety'. The feast culminated in a mock hobby-horse joust between Carnival and Lent.

Dishes for the banquets were prepared using authentic recipes from medieval manuscripts and cookbooks. As well as using locally-sourced seasonal ingredients, some surprising medieval luxuries were added to the menus. Sandwich, once a thriving medieval port, was a major importer of fine foods and rare spices, destined for the tables of merchants and gentry, and the banquets showcased some of these delicacies.